M.A. (Clinical Psychology)

Evaluation (MI)

This involves three written exams and two oral presentations of clients that trainees worked with during the year.

  1. Child and Family Issues (June)
  2. Adult Psychopathology (June)
  3. Psychometrics (November)

Oral Examinations

At the end of the year each trainee is required to present two cases drawing on child and family or individual case material (one focusing on assessment/diagnostic issues and the other on therapeutic intervention issues) to a panel of examiners.

Year’s Work

The student’s development of clinical skills will be evaluated, and all clinical records and reports will be examined.

All examinations are University examinations and thus are subject to the discretion and approval of the Psychology Department, the Faculty and of External Examiners (who are appointed by the University). Written examinations will be written under standard conditions. The External Examiner will have a casting vote, where necessary.

The degree may be awarded with distinction when the candidate obtains distinction (75% or more) an aggregate over the written, oral and research components of the course. (but see Rules in current Faculty handbook). If there is a class difference between the marks awarded for the dissertation by the External and Internal Examiners, the Head of Department of Psychology may appoint a moderator whose recommendations will be accepted. The final recommendation shall be made in the consolidated report by the Head of the Psychology Department in consultation with the Course Chairperson, taking into account all relevant information.