Child Guidance Clinic


The Child Guidance Clinic

The Child Guidance Clinic is a postgraduate training centre that was established in 1935 and is a teaching unit of the Department of Psychology, located in the Faculty of Humanities. It is registered with the Department of Health as a Child Guidance Clinic and with the Health Professions Council of SA as a professional training site for Masters (Clinical Psychology) students. The key function is to produce graduates who can, subject to fulfilling all HPCSA requirements, register to practise as clinical psychologists. There are three full-time lecturers on the staff. Additional instructors and supervisors from the University, local psychiatric hospitals and private practice teach in their areas of speciality.

The Clinic is situated on the Lower Campus, near public transport facilities. Students being trained as clinical psychologists work full time at the Clinic, providing services to children, adolescents and/or families experiencing problems ranging from scholastic to emotional difficulties. There is a sophisticated administrative infrastructure, including facilities that enable close supervision of students’ work, e.g. observation rooms and recording facilities.